Is it the flu?

The flu season has arrived! The Center of Disease Control stats that the flu has started early this year.
Are you prepared?
When you wake up sneezing and coughing — just have that achy, feverish feeling and you can’t seem to move a muscle — how do you know whether you have cold symptoms or the flu? Early detection responses are essential in treating this virus!
Flu symptoms are usually more severe than cold symptoms and can come on quickly. The flu is a type of viral infection of the respiratory system. Just like a cold virus, the flu virus enters your body throughout the nose, eyes, or mouth. Every time you touch your hand to one of these areas, you could be infecting yourself with a virus. Luckily, most flu symptoms gradually improve over a few days, but it is not uncommon to feel fatigued for an entire week or longer. Flu viruses spread from person to person, but it can be prevented. Washing your hands often can prevent both flu and cold. Limit contact with those who do have the flu. If you are infected with the flu virus, be sure to drink lots of fluids to stay hydrated and get plenty of rest. Remember, the flu can develop into pneumonia, so take care of yourself to prevent a bout with the flu. Learn the signs and syptoms of the flu, and how you can take precautions to lessen your opportunity to become sick with the flu virus.
Signs and Symptoms of the flu:

  • - Aches and pains and a sudden onset of fatigue;
  • - Fever (remember not everyone has fever with the flu)
  • - Chills
  • - Dry cough
  • - Severe chest discomfort
  • - Headache
  • - Remember the FACTS (Fever, Aches, Chills, Tiredness and Sneezing)

Flu Prevention

  • - Cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing
  • - Wash your hands using antibacterial soap or gel
  • - Avoid contact with sick people
  • - Keep your hands away from your eyes, nose and mouth
  • - Get an annual flu vaccine. Although this may not prevent the flu, it will lessen the severity of flu symptoms.

When should I seek emergency medical attention?
If you experience any of the following, seek help immediately!

  • - Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
  • - Pain or pressure in the chest or abdomen
  • - Purple or blue discoloration of the lips
  • - Sudden dizziness or confusion
  • - Seizures
  • - Severe vomiting

If you have questions, call your local health care provider or Sunflower Home Health nearest you!

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