Sunflower Employee Spotlight Questions

Where are you from originally?
Wilson is from Winona, Mississippi.

Which office are you located in?
Her office is in Greenwood but she works at all locations

What is your official job title?
Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nurse (WOCN)
Certified Wound Care Nurse
She also does Quality Assurance

Where and when did you obtain your degree?
Bachelors in Nursing at UMMC 1988.
Received her WOCN certification at MD Anderson in 1995 in Houston, TX.

How many years of nursing experience do you have?
She has been in nursing since 1988, 30 years.

How many years of experience in home health care do you have?
She has been in home health care since 1993, 25 years.

Are there any accomplishments that you are most proud of?
She is proud that she has been in nursing for 30 years, and she is proud to have kept her certification since 1995.
She also is proud to work at Sunflower, and she finds it rewarding because she loves the people she works with and the company.

Wound Care

What is wound care to you?
Saving limbs of patients with lots of problems and different wounds and monitoring wounds. She believes it is also important to teach patients about their wound.

What is the most important part of caring for a wound?
Early detection and intervention is the most important part of wound care and will the patient to have the best outcome.

Who qualifies to get wound care from Sunflower?
Any patient of any age who is referred to them by a doctor.
She has lots of Medicare patients but also private insurance patients.

What are some things to look out for when you have a severe wound?
Look out for changes in the color of skin or breaking of skin
Redness that won’t go away
Diabetic patients need to monitor their feet in case their feet go numb
Always wear shoes
Report to healthcare provider ASAP – early detection & intervention is key

How do they take care of a wound?
Every wound is different but the main thing they do is try to keep it clean and get the patient the proper care and treatment

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