Home health care is a wide range of health care services that can be given in your home for an illness or injury. Home health care is usually less expensive, more convenient, and just as effective as care you get in a hospital or skilled nursing facility (SNF). At Sunflower Home Health, we believe home is where most patients want to receive their care. Patients recover more quickly, avoid infections and complications, and maintain a better quality of life when they are comfortable and in their own routines and environment. Couple the outcomes of home care with the scope of care a patient needs and the need for quality home healthcare is wider than ever. Many patients need skilled healthcare services from a nurse or physical therapist to get back to their activities of daily living as quickly as possible following an injury or surgery. Other patients need more services and long-term care for a chronic condition.

Home healthcare serves the family and the patient better when we come to them for care instead of patients going to multiple offices for appointments and treatments. It also helps our patients maintain their dignity and routines, while easing the burden on family caregivers.

Who pays for home healthcare?

Home healthcare is just like any other medical expense. It must be deemed medically necessary AND ordered by the patient’s physician. Patients must also meet coverage requirements from their health plans. We work with you on your options including Medicare, Medicare Replacement Plans, Medicaid, Medical HMOs, private insurance, workers’ compensation, veterans’ benefits and self-pay.

For Medicare/Medicaid to cover your treatment at Sunflower Home Health, you must meet the following requirements:

Medicare/Medicaid requirements:

  • A referral from a licensed physician to a home healthcare service provider.
  • The physician must determine the skilled home healthcare provider is necessary and must order the services.
  • The patient must meet homebound guideline criteria and the physician must certify these criteria. Homebound is defined as a patient who is unable to leave their home without assistance (device or person), a circumstance where travel and appointments are taking to the patient, or leaving home is not recommended because of the patient’s condition.

Medicare will cover the following home healthcare services:

  • Skilled nursing
  • Home health aide
  • Physical, speech, or occupational therapy
  • Medical social service
  • Some medical supplies

The eligibility requirements and services covered by private insurance carriers vary by company, and you should talk to your provider before seeking home healthcare services. Sunflower Home Health is in network with most large insurance carriers.

How do I select a home health provider?

All patients have the right to choose their qualified home healthcare agency when in-home care is required. These rights are protected by state and federal law. When a physician prescribes home healthcare services, the patient is free to select their own home healthcare agency.

We recommend that you do your homework before you select Sunflower Home Health or any other agency. Some common questions to consider include:

  • How long has the home healthcare company been in business? In the area of service?
  • Are they certified by Medicare? Are they licensed by the state?
  • Who will be visiting your home?
  • Does the home healthcare company use registered and licensed practical nurses?
  • How are employees/contractors screened, insured and bonded?
  • Does the home healthcare company provide a written scope of services that shows what is covered and not covered by the insurance or other payor?
  • Is the care plan comprehensive, meaning that caretaker tasks are listed on the plan?
  • What communication does the home healthcare company provide the nurse/therapist/caretaker about the prescribed patient treatment(s)?
  • How does the home healthcare company handle emergencies? Are you available to patients 24/7?

Is home healthcare an alternative to long-term care facilities?

Absolutely! Research suggests that patients who receive care in their familiar environment and routines see a lower risk of complications and even death the longer they remain at home. Home healthcare is also a much more cost-effective option for patients needing specialized care and services. We believe that home healthcare services can be part of a comprehensive long-term care strategy that helps patients receive the medications, treatments, and therapies they need, while easing the burden on family caregivers. And with our aging population, this is becoming a greater reality for more and more families. Home healthcare allows a more personal approach to long-term patient needs in a more intimate and comforting setting.

Who needs home healthcare?

Advances in equipment, medications and healthcare practices have enabled care to take place where a patient needs it most. Whether you are recovering from surgery or an acute illness, a specialized professional can best meet your needs in the quiet and comfort of your home.

Infection rates in institutional settings are worse than ever. Patients very often contract infections that complicate chronic conditions in the very places they go for surgery or recovery. One way to reduce exposure to these viruses and bacteria is to provide care in patients’ homes. We believe patients can better manage their health in their regular routine. When providers come to the patients, it’s easier for the patient to gain confidence with medication management and the equipment they need to experience a better quality of life.

Is it time for home healthcare?

We believe that many health conditions and events are better managed at home. Surgery, stroke, heart attacks and other serious health events may require a long recovery process.

Patients may need ongoing care, but recovery is delayed when patients are required to travel or remain in the hospital for longer periods of time. Taking care at home can make all the difference in a patient’s recovery. Nurses, therapists and other skilled professionals can aid patients in their recovery as well as medication and lifestyle modifications.

Chronic conditions such as diabetes, COPD, and heart failure require ongoing medication and lifestyle management. Bringing the professionals to them can help patients avoid common problems that result in ER visits and hospital stays.

We are dedicated to working with your healthcare team to make you as comfortable as possible. You can gauge when home healthcare is a good choice by answering some questions about your condition:

  • Are you recently diagnosed with a chronic illness that will require medication and equipment?
  • Are you dependent on a family member or other caregiver to drive you to doctor appointments?
  • Do you take medications that make outings and travel unsafe?
  • Is your family member suffering memory loss or loss of verbal/reasoning abilities?
  • Are you at risk for a fall?
  • Are you in need of physical, speech or occupational therapies?

Filing a Complaint

Voice grievances or complaints regarding treatment or care that is (or fails to be) furnished, or regarding the lack of respect of property and/or person, or the violation of any rights by anyone that is furnishing services on behalf of Sunflower Home Health to the home health agency, CHAP, and state or local agencies, and must not be subjected to discrimination or reprisal for doing so. Sunflower Home Health must investigate complaints made by a patient, the patient’s representative (if any) or the patient’s caregiver(s) or the patient’s family and must document both the existence of the complaint and resolution of the complaint, to include documentation of mitigation efforts put into place to prevent further incidences while the complaint investigation is occurring; this includes immediate reporting by staff (direct or indirect).

Complaints can be submitted by emailing us at info@sunflowerhomehelath.com.

What geographic areas do you serve?

Sunflower Home Health has provided exceptional home health services for more than 66 years to the residents of Coahoma, Bolivar, Grenada, Quitman, Tallahatchie, Sunflower, Washington, Humphreys, Leflore, Holmes and Carroll Counties. We love our patients and look forward to helping you with your home healthcare needs.

Sunflower Home Health is here to help if you have any questions about home healthcare. Please don’t hesitate to navigate to the contact us form on our website and reach out or give us a call at your local office.  Those numbers are listed below:

  • Charleston – (662) 647-0653
  • Clarksdale – (662) 624-4141
  • Cleveland – (662)756-4676
  • Greenwood – (662) 455-3535
  • Grenada – (662) 294-0726
  • Indianola – (662) 887-1518

At Sunflower Home Health, we truly believe that education and awareness are the keys to making the Mississippi Delta a healthy and safe place to live, something that we are committed to making a reality.

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