January is Healthy Weight Awareness Month. Studies show that people start to lose motivation to continue with New Years resolutions around he third week of January. At Sunflower Home Health, we want to help you realize that losing weight and staying healthy should not be something you do for one month. You can’t just stay motivated for one month and then go back to eating unhealthy for the rest of the year. Being healthy takes dedication, hard work, and a long term commitment. To start, we need to step back and figure out what questions need to be asked in order to be healthy. One of the most important questions is, what is your healthy weight? That answer differs from person to person as every single one of us is different.

You see, a number of different factors determine an individual’s healthy weight. Those include age, muscle-fat ratio, height, sex, and body fat distribution, or body shape. One of the most effective tools to use to determine your healthy weight is body mas index (BMI). This measures a person’s weight in relation to their height. According to the National Institutes of Health:

  • A BMI of less than 18.5 means that a person is underweight.
  • A BMI of between 18.5 and 24.9 is ideal
  • A BMI of between 25 and 29.9 is overweight
  • A BI of 30 indicates obesity

So, let’s say you are reading this and thinking “wow, I’m overweight! What can I do to fix this?” Well, healthy eating and physical activity – or exercise – are hands-down the best and healthiest way to control our weight. You can try all the fad diets in the world, but you have to get active in order to really lose weight and be healthy. While it might not be fun to force yourself to be active, we can promise that it will make you feel better and improve your quality of life in the long run. You don’t have to train like an Olympic athlete, just get moving and elevate your heart rate for 30 minutes a day.

Science has proven that maintaining a healthy weight can help you feel better and have more energy. According to the National Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, maintaining a healthy weight can also prevent and control many chronic diseases and conditions. Being overweight or obese increases your risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol problems, heart disease, gallbladder disease, arthritis, some types of cancer, and sleep apnea. Simply put, those that don’t make time for health and fitness now must make time for sickness and disease later in life.

In this day and age there are many apps and devices that you can use to help you stay on top of your fitness goals. We’ve compiled a list of those below:

  • My Fitness Pal: Allows you to enter all of your food, water, and exercise for the day. When you begin, you enter your current weight and your goal weight. It will tell you the number of calories you need to be eating as well breaking down the exact number of individual nutrients and vitamins you need in your diet.
  • Fitbit: keeps track of the number of steps taken in a day. It can also record your heart rate and workouts for the day. It will give you reminders to stand up or take a walk throughout the day.
  • Couch to 5k: A running program for beginners. You can start today, even if you’ve never run a day in your life. It will slowly build you up to being able to run a 5k without stopping.

Even with all of these apps that make it easier than ever to get healthy and stay healthy, it starts with you. You have to make the conscious decision to get up and get active. You have to stay motivated and be physically active even when you don’t feel like it. It’s not going to be easy all the time. There will be days when you just don’t want to do it, but those will be the days that you feel your best when you complete your workout. Do it for you, your family, and your friends so you can enjoy a long healthy life for years to come.

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At Sunflower Home Health, we truly believe that education and awareness are the keys to making the Mississippi Delta a healthy and safe place to live, something that we are committed to making a reality.

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