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A speech impediment or challenge is one of the most limiting medical conditions for a patient, impeding his/her ability to effectively communicate regarding their needs and wishes. Speech impediments can be caused by a range of different health issues, resulting in different kinds of speech problems. Whether the patient has suffered from a stroke or is experiencing dementia, speech problems can cause considerable frustration in the patient. At Sunflower Home Health, we employ a team of highly experienced professionals who are skilled in speech therapy helping patients to restore effective speech patterns. Over the years, we have helped numerous patients regain the ability to effectively communicate, decreasing the daily challenges they experience as a result of their disability. Throughout the speech therapy sessions, we make sure to set realistic goals with our patients, make note of all progress that takes place and to take the treatment one step at a time.

Speech Therapy That Makes a Difference

Once you begin your speech therapy with us, we always make sure to devote the first session of our therapy program to determining the root cause of your speech issue. This will allow us to identify the appropriate steps we should take to address the root causes of the speech issues. Whether the issue is stemming from a cognitive problem or it is purely speech-related will have an impact on the way we design our treatment. We are also happy to consult with a patient’s primary physician so as to make sure that we are staying within the primary course of treatment and ensure we are familiar with all aspects of the patient’s speech issues. Overall, we provide treatment that is customized and adapted to each patient’s condition, allowing us to achieve the most optimal treatment result.

Take a look at some of the main issues that Sunflower Home Health therapists are skilled at providing treatment for:

  • Involuntary stuttering issues
  • Problems caused by slurred speech
  • Stroke-related speech challenges
  • Cognitive speech disorders
  • Auditory processing disorders

Home Care Speech Therapy That Will Produce Results

Are you interested in finding out more about our speech therapy programs? Whether you are looking to find out more about the methods our therapists use or you would simply like to learn how our treatment would be able to help you with your specific speech issue, feel free to contact us for more information at your convenience. Our team of professionals are happy to provide an overview of our treatment methods and provide a free consultation regarding the specific speech challenges you are experiencing. Contact Sunflower Home Health today at 888-965-9088!


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