Home Health Services


Our registered nurses are compassionate and highly qualified to deliver care prescribed by your doctor in the peace and comfort of your home. Some of the services we offer are colostomy and catheter care, personal hygiene care, administering medications, setting up and maintaining medication schedules, tracking in-home equipment statistics and training for family members.


Physical therapists provide services for patients recovering from injuries and patients who need assistance in improving range of motion, strength and balance. We believe providing this care in the home helps patients use their tools such as canes, walkers, wheelchairs and prostheses in their everyday environment. This provides comfort and better outcomes for the patient and family caregivers.


Our compassionate occupational therapists provide recovery and daily care training for patients recovering from injury and illness. They work in the patient’s home to give them confidence in activities such as eating, bathing, grooming, dressing and other self-care. Their work helps our patients gain independence in their housekeeping and daily care.


Patients who have experienced a stroke or have conditions such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s may need speech therapy to help them recover or improve communication abilities. Our speech therapists help patients improve their daily lives through therapies that improve their ability to communicate their needs and feelings as well as connection to friends and family. Consistent speech therapy can give patients the tools they need to improve swallowing function, answer questions, manage their personal and financial matters as well as help them maintain memory and self-monitoring skills.


Our specialized wound care nurses make the transition from an inpatient facility to home as comfortable as possible for patients. With specialized training in the latest wound care techniques and technologies, we can help patients recover from surgical incisions or other wounds safely and more quickly in the comfort of their own home. We offer dressing changes, infection monitoring and training for patients on how to watch for complications.


Nothing makes regular care more complicated than having to travel to an outpatient facility to get regular needed medications. We work with your physician to provide intravenous (IV) medications and nutritional supplements via normal IV, central venous catheters (ports) or PICC line in the comfort of your home. We provide compassionate, specialized nurses to deliver antibiotics that are more effective in IV form, nutrition supplements for patients with swallowing difficulties, hormone deficiency treatment and patient-controlled pain relief therapies.


We believe all patients need to make the best, more informed decisions for their care. Our team of dedicated social workers will aid you and your family in some of the more complicated decisions for your short and long-term care needs. We provide guidance in financial assessment, living arrangements, handling loss and change associated with an illness, advanced directives, crisis intervention and identifying resources that may make care transitions easier for patients and their families.


We know a patient’s care is individual and specialized help is often the largest resource needed in a chronic or short-term condition. Our team of certified home health aides in Charleston, Clarksdale, or Greenwood can ease the load a family caregiver has when caring for a parent or other family member. We will work with you to assess what help you or your family member need with transportation, personal care, medication reminders, exercise, home care, meals and other daily needs.

“My Mother is 94 years old and lives in an assisted living facility 6 hours from me and Sunflower Home Health has been very helpful. They do a wonderful job for my mother and I feel fortunate to have them helping her out!”
Ronald, Clarksdale


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